Topsender International boosts U.S. projects to accurately dock digital economy-related enterprises in Yunnan Province

Mongol International held a one-to-one precise online negotiation meeting between the U.S. project and related enterprises in the digital economy industry in Yunnan Province through video, to promote the cooperation and exchanges between the two parties. In the next step, Lemon will continue to build a platform to provide assistance for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties.

Topper Group helps global leading companies to inspect the East China area, opening a new chapter in project cooperation!

From March 9th to 11th, Leman Group and a group of well-known domestic rail transit central enterprises and leading German companies in the global manufacturing field visited the East China area to carry out project investment cooperation.

Peng Ling, Chairman of Topspot International, inspects domestic leading intelligent manufacturing high-tech enterprises

On March 17, Peng Ling, Chairman of Topspot International and Chairman of Topspot Industry Sharing Alliance, went to Changzhou to inspect Sino-European and UBI alumni companies-Jiangsu Jiaxuan Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., a leading intelligent manufacturing high-tech enterprise in China. Promote more cooperation possibilities (including equity investment) at different levels and in multiple dimensions, and boost the development of the smart manufacturing industry.

A good start to Lemon Group's Cloud Investment program and helped Zhejiang Province attract foreign investment

On April 17, 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Beijing), on April 17, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Israel), the online conference organized by the Ministry of Commerce of Zhejiang Province with the theme "Cooperation, Shared Profit and development "brought many successes. Lemen Group offers one-stop services to promote cooperation between the Yuhang District in Zhejiang Province and Israeli industrial investment projects. Mr. WANG Jian, deputy director of the Zhejiang Province Ministry of Commerce, made a speech. Mr. CHEN Xialin, the deputy executive director and member of the Yuhang District Standing Committee, introduced the business environment of the Yuhang District. Mr. SHI Keqi, member of the Party's Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the Yuhang Economic and Technology Development Zone, introduced the Development Zone and the China-Israel Industrial Park and the questions posed by Israeli businessmen about intellectual property, talent, entry and exit , company policy, market access and research support were answered in detail. Zhejiang Satellite TV, ByteDance and other dozens of media reported on the event.

How does the central bank's monetary policy help in the development of the company? Here you can find a solution at "Lemen Cloud Class".

The last course of the non-profit program "Lemen Cloud Class" begann at 7.30 p.m. on the evening of April 11th. Mr. LIU Junjie, general manager of the strategic finance department of the Ping An Bank Shanghai branch gave the speech "Interpretation of the central bank's financial policy and the future development of the company". The course attracted great attention and thousands of people saw it online at the same time. Quite a lot of interest has been raised about the theme that the central bank has recently released a series of guidelines to help companies go back on their work and production.

Live broadcast on "Lemen Cloud Class": "Global financial shocks and opportunities in China" by Mr. JIN Yanshi

On the evening of April 5th at 7:30 p.m., the independent economist Dr. JIN Yanshi was invited here to introduce the current global financial situation and new business opportunities after the pandemic.During today's course, the global audience shared the same screen and enjoyed Dr. Jin's humorous, professional and profound interpretations. The audience believed that the speech of Dr. Jin was both simple and insightful, and his insights were very helpful for the development of the company.

The Opening of Lemen International Nanjing Branch

The fourth branch of Lemen International, Nanjing Branch opened on September 10. Lemen Nanjing Branch which benefits from Lemen International's global resources, rich practical experience and excellent team services, will be the bridge for Jiangsu Province to connect the world. It provides a one-stop solution for local government, universities, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, etc. on public business affairs exchanges, creation of friendly cities cooperative relations, organization of various forums, training and research, health management and other related activities.

2019 “Visit China - Where Culture Shines”Oceania Promotion Campaign Concluded Successfully

The 2019 “Visit China - Where Culture Shines”Oceania Promotion Campaign concluded successfully on 27 August in Sydney, Australia. The promotion activities spanned five cities in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia, covering more than 1,000 local organizations and enterprises, affecting tens of thousands of people. During the promotion, Lemen Int’l participated in the whole process following the delegation of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, actively promoted  Shanghai's cultural and tourism resources, enhanced Shanghai's inbound tourism projects, and helped to build Shanghai's urban cultural tourism brand image.

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