Lemen Group has been reelected as the vice president unit of the Pudong New Area Tourism Association Travel Agency andhas fully welcomed the arrival of the CIIE!

On August 16, the China International Import Expo left the 80-day sprint of the countdown. The Pudong New Area Business Committee organized the Pudong New Area Tourism Welcoming the CIIE Travel Guarantee Promotion Conference. Nearly 300 tourism companies were present at the meeting.

During the conference, Lemen Group was reelected the vice president unit of the 7th Travel Agency Professional Committee of Shanghai Pudong New Area Tourism Association. Peng Ling, Chairman of Lemen Group, was appointed as the 7th Vice President of Shanghai Pudong New Area Tourism Association.

Peng Ling exchanged speeches at Pudong New Area Tourism Welcoming the CIIE Travel Guarantee Promotion Conference.

The first China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai. The expo is the finale of China's four major home diplomats in 2018. The choice of Shanghai as the venue of the Expo fully demonstrates the important position of Shanghai's future development strategy in China. The hosting of this event is an important parade for the tourism industry. The CIIE will undoubtedly bring numerous opportunities and challenges to Chinese tourism. Under the call and guidance of the leaders of the city, district tourism bureaus and tourism industry associations, Lemen deeply felt the mission of being a member of the tourism industry. 

In order to better complete the strategic adjustment, the company establishes a reception monitoring group. The group has a set of standardized processes from the establishment intention to the end of the project, such as: solving the emergency in the first time, feedback plan within one hour, and placing an order with three confirmations, receipting groups with three accounting, two sentences per day, and a project group during the reception period. LemenGroup strives to have a dedicated person in charge of each group, special supervision, zero turnover rates, sorting out the good reputation of "Serving Shanghai, Shanghai Service".

LemenGroup will strengthen its responsibilities and coordination, and effectively form a joint effort in theCIIE travel security; firmly establish anoverallawareness, taking own responsibilities and the initiative to step forward, focusing on implementation, reversing the time nodes, refining the routes and time table. We will grasp early and firmly to ensure that the preparatory work is completed according to the quality and quantity of the time node; hold the safety bottom line, and always tighten the string of safety, strengthen the investigation of risk hidden dangers, and respond to the large passenger flow. We will implement technical defense measures, improve emergency plans, and create a safe and orderly travel security environment. With effective measures, we will resolutely complete the various tasks of travel security and make contributions to the victory of CIIE.become healthy, and regain confidence in life.

Life is not a material feast, but a spiritual cultivation. With more than 50 years of life, Peng Ling explained the definition of "excellence" to everyone. Your life will be fruitful and happy if you embrace a heart of gratitude and dedication, with a positive way of thinking, full of enthusiasm, pay as much as anyone's efforts, and exert their abilities to the best.

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