Peng Ling, Chairman of LemenGroup, was awarded the title of “Innovation leaderasModels for Women in the New Age Tourism Industry” by the China Tourism Association.

On September 19th, the New Age China Tourism Women Development Forum was held in Beijing. The forum was hosted by the China Tourism Association and hosted by the China Tourism Association Women's Tourism Committee.

At the forum, the China Tourism Association awarded the “Models for Women in the New Age Tourism Industry”, and Peng Ling, Chairman ofLemen Group, was awarded the title of “Innovation leader as Models for Women in the New Age Tourism Industry”.

As a pioneer of China’s early business travel, health travel, and educational travel, Peng Ling has always adhered to the attitude of “business innovation, careful management”. After more than 10 years of the creation of Lemen Group, Peng Ling has gained a lot of successful operational experience. From the early stage of the initial entrepreneurship to the current rapid development period, Lemen Group has a relatively complete structure system and corporate management practices. Faced with the rapid changes in the market, Peng Ling led the Lemen Group team to continuously innovate and reform, and Lemen Grouphas expanded from the original single service content to six business segments: LemenBusiness, LemenInvestment, and LemenHealth (Dezhiyuan) DZG), LemenEducation, LemenMICE, and LemenTravel, which have made Lemen Group a competitive leader in the industry.

As the chairman of the group, Peng Ling has always insisted on making Lemen Group a learning-oriented enterprise with core competitiveness. Not only does it establish a book corner in the company to encourage everyone to continue to learn and progress; and arrange a series of external training for employees to improve their professionalskills; but also actively supports the management to apply for Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and other institutions of higher learning, to study EMBA and other courses to enhance themselves. At present, Lemen Group has many excellent foreign language talents who can speak English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and other languages and has experienced multinational teams. The core employeesworking in the group for more than five years account for 31%, and employeeswith master degree orbachelor degree account for 70% of the group.Lemen Groupprovides first-class professional services for customers at home and abroad.

Thanks to the China Tourism Association, the Shanghai Tourism Industry Association and the Shanghai Pudong New Area Tourism Association for their correct leadership and support for the work of LemenGroup! It is expected that the leaders at all levels will further strengthen the guidance for the development of Lemen and promote the construction of Lemen's business level and all aspects to a new level.

LemenGroup will continue to adhere to product, service and management innovation, work with greater determination, more effective measures, and work harder to create a good environment for the development of the tourism industry, to provide better and more convenient services for everyone.

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