be honored as Vice-Chairman Unit in Shanghai Tourism Association, Travel Agency Department

received visiting group of the State Council Chief Executive, Germany

signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Rogaska Group. Slovenia

Lemen Int′l • DZG Release Conference

Participation in co-organizing Italy-China Economic Cooperation and Trade Forum held in Rome

Attending a welcoming luncheon with Dutch Prime Minister the couple WimKok

Hosting the visiting group of Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Development Bureau

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Paris anti-aging Preventive Medicine Center

Receiving the research group led by Qi Zhang, the vice chair of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau

was ranked as "The Most Distinctive Family Life Award" by International Family office Conference

received business visit of Abu Dhabi Cleveland Clinic

received the interview of Pudong TV Station as the outstanding representative

signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wanke, Star-river, Poly group etc.

obtained the certification of government-procurement airline ticket management website supplier

Lemen Group 11th Anniversary Farewell Dinner

received business visit of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

was ranked as "Best International Medical Service Brand" by Hurun Report

became a designated travel service provider of China Pavilion in “2015 Milan Expo”

2014 Sanya Charity Gala

obtained the certification of MTQUA in America

Lemen Group's Charity Foundation was established

2011 Global Anti-Aging Forum Summit

Shanghai Lemen Business International Travel Service Co., Ltd & Shanghai Lemen Healthcare Management Co., Ltd established

Regional buranches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Changsha established

China Operation Center and Head Office in Shanghai established

be honored as member of CHTA

recommendation of Business Travel Service Providers for the Second Import Expo

be honored as member of the sixth session of China Tourism Association

Verein für wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Zusammenarbeit established

was reelected as the vice president unit of the 7th Travel Agency Professional Committee of Shanghai Pudong New Area Tourism Association; And Chairman Peng Ling was appointed as the 7th Vice President of this Association

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation with RSBK AG and the Sino-German Economic Dialogue

Chairman Peng Ling was awarded the title of Innovation Leader for “Female Model of Tourism Industry in the New Age” by the China Tourism Association.

Awarded Shanghai 5A Travel Agency

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